Kokumi yeast extract

a new discovery

Kokumi was first discovered in Japan in 1989 and expresses the concept of “deliciousness”. Kokumi is defined as the combination of mouthfulness, long-lasting sensation and harmony in taste.

 Kokumi doesn’t actually have a taste in itself but does intensify taste by triggering receptors on the tongue.  One of the compounds that is responsible for this kokumi sensation is a peptide – a naturally occurring amino acid. In synergy with tastes, kokumi brings richness and fullness sensations to sweet, salty and umami tastes.

Biospringer offers Springer® 4000, rich in gluthatione, that provides kokumi.

Kokumi yeast extract


Springer® 4000 is an efficient solution for developing flavorful and healthy product formulations.


Springer® 4000 yeast extracts will balance and intensify taste profiles providing mouthfulness and smoothness sensations.


Through its specific taste properties, Springer® 4000 allows fat reduction in recipes, up to 30%, without compromising the taste while bringing texture and lingering notes.

Benefits, beyond taste

Biospringer is strongly committed to guarantee high quality standards, allowing to offer various additional product benefits and certifications.

The range Springer® 4000 is guaranteed:

And also specific to the United States:

halal yeast

Allergen-free, 100% water soluble and process resistant, Springer® 4000 with Springer Standard range and is suitable for all types and forms of applications.


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